Instant Pot Yogurt

Now that the benevolent dictator, our 6 year-old, is back to school, mornings are once again hectic and harried. Armed with only a half-gallon of 1% milk and a small container of plain Greek yogurt, here’s how I’m tackling breakfast this week.

Shakshuka Sunday

Shakshuka is delicious. Full stop. It’s great for dinner. It’s great for lunch. It’s great any moment of the day – but we love it best at brunch, served with homemade pita. It’s genuinely worth the prep time – one batch serves between 4-6, but if you’re like us and your kids have terrible taste…

From ragout to popcorn

I had planned to make a  mushroom ragout to top our leftover polenta last night. I had great intentions. But a live wire caught the outside of our house on fire, and, well, we ate popcorn and cheese for dinner. THIS IS FINE.


I love pita. My husband loves pita. It’s one of the few things I’ll make that my kids adore, too, especially if I serve it with homemade hummus (that recipe is coming very soon, I promise). Pita is great for mini-pizzas, for dipping into your shorba, and for stuffing with falafel or cold cuts. VIVA…


There’s something incredibly comforting about a good soup, and this soup is one of our stalwarts. Red lentils are widely available in most grocery stores, but especially cheap at Trader Joe’s – plus, it’s a no guilt meal. Skip the pita if you’re trying to skimp on carbs, but I made a mess of whole…

Falafel Bowls

Originally I’d planned to make sweet potato and farro bowls for a couple of weekday lunches, but my husband helpfully pointed out that I still had soaked chickpeas sitting in the fridge, so I called an audible and here we are.

Sweet Sixteen Southwestern Eggrolls

Okay, so not quite so healthy. But we had leftover eggroll wrappers, along with super ripe avocados, so we called an audible. Avocados are weird, right? They go from unrelentingly stiff to overripe in about two seconds, with a nanosecond window for peak ripeness. So here’s what we did, just in time to settle in…

Black Bean Burrito Bowls

::extreme John Oliver voice:: CAULIFLOWER RICE. It can be spectacular, and it can be bad. It’s a useful substitute for rice and flour in some capacities, though, and this recipe highlights exactly that. Plus, it’s easy to make this vegan, and it’s assuredly gluten-free.