Instant Pot Yogurt


Now that the benevolent dictator, our 6 year-old, is back to school, mornings are once again hectic and harried. Armed with only a half-gallon of 1% milk and a small container of plain Greek yogurt, here’s how I’m tackling breakfast this week.

Instant Pot Yogurt

(makes a half-gallon)

.5 gallon 1% or 2% milk
3 T plain Greek yogurt

Pour the milk into the Instant Pot. Push “Yogurt” then “Adjust” until the screen reads “boil.” Place the lid on and walk away. Once the boil cycle is finished, stir the milk and then check the temperature with a candy thermometer – the milk will need to have hit at least 180 degrees. If it hasn’t, use the “Saute” function to heat it to that point.

Once you’ve done so, remove the inserted pot and let cool on the counter until the milk is between 108-110 degrees. Whisk in your yogurt, and return the insert to the Instant Pot. Once again, select “Yogurt” and set it for between 8-10 hours. I usually do this on a Saturday night so that the yogurt is done on Sunday morning, and chilled by Monday morning. The longer the yogurt incubates, the tangier it gets. Once the cycle is complete, refrigerate it.

This morning, I added lemon juice, coconut nectar (but add your sweetener of choice!), blueberries, and granola, for a quick, nutritious breakfast.

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