English Muffins

I actually adore English muffins. They’re filled with crannies ideal for nut butter or labneh – or any number of toppings. But while oddly shelf stable, they can be expensive, so I wanted to learn how to make these at home. And, um, I accidentally made 2 dozen, as well as two loaves of bread.

Easy-Peasy Protein Waffles

This will be a little longer than usual, because I want to talk about convenience versus nutrition. Feel free to skip ahead to the recipe – I’ll completely understand.

Bad Luck Buffalo Bites

Maybe this is why the Saints lost? Oh, it was because of turnovers and poor clock management? Sigh. This low fat, low sodium take on boneless Buffalo wings was worth the effort, even if at one point I nearly threw one at my TV.

Lemon-Blueberry Coffee Cake

There was a time during my misspent youth in which I made (and ate) a LOT of coffee cake. But given the choice between another hypertensive crisis and coffee cake, the choice is clear: It’s time to develop a healthier coffee cake recipe, right? And that, my friends, is how I spent a Friday night…

Can we talk about biscuits?

My husband and I are readers/subscribers of Bitter Southerner, to the point that he proudly sports a Make More Biscuits tee fairly regularly. (I’m a big fan of the Collards and Cornbread t-shirt he bought me for Christmas, too.) The man loves buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy, so it’s not unusual for me to drag…

Persimmon Cinnamon Rolls

In the middle of autumn, trees across the gulf south are laden with bright orange Fuyu persimmons, a fruit many find mysterious. I’m lucky to have a ton of great friends who give me their excess fruit, and that can often create the challenge of what to do with it. So far I’ve made a…

Copycat Egg Bites

Mornings.¬†Ugh. Weekday mornings are the worst in our house – my husband and I both work full-time, and we have three kids to get fed, dressed, groomed and prepped for school/daycare. It’s a lot. I’m always in search of the holy grail of breakfasts, the sort of dish that doesn’t make me feel like a…

Instant Pot Yogurt

Now that the benevolent dictator, our 6 year-old, is back to school, mornings are once again hectic and harried. Armed with only a half-gallon of 1% milk and a small container of plain Greek yogurt, here’s how I’m tackling breakfast this week.

Shakshuka Sunday

Shakshuka is delicious. Full stop. It’s great for dinner. It’s great for lunch. It’s great any moment of the day – but we love it best at brunch, served with homemade pita. It’s genuinely worth the prep time – one batch serves between 4-6, but if you’re like us and your kids have terrible taste…