Pad Thai, but make it healthy(ish).

I’m healed enough from my surprise summer vacation – sigh – my bilateral mastectomy to start actively planning and prepping meals. My beloved husband’s favorite Thai dish is pad thai, and I wanted to make it, but maybe inject a little more nutrition into it.

Turkey Mushroom Kofta

You already know I love kofta. But I also like it when the kids eat what we eat – bonus points if I can sucker them into additional vegetables. Tonight’s dinner accomplished both. Turkey Mushroom Kofta with Pita and Tahini Dressing Serves 6-8 (depending on small humans versus adults) 1 lb, lean (93%) ground turkey…

Swedish-ish Meatballs

COVID-19 hasn’t been an easy road for any of us. But I’ve been working to reexamine my relationship with food so that I can be healthier. I also don’t believe in deprivation. A health relationship with food should for some fun and some enjoyment, right? Couple these axioms with trying to feed a family of…

Vegan Kofta with Salad Shirazi

It is a truth universally acknowledged that I make a LOT of hummus and pita, because it’s one of my favorite comfort food combinations. I’ve been really fortunate to learn how to make a lot of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes through travels and work, and hummus has just stuck with me – tahini is…

Tahini roasted chicken and veg

I’m going to start with a brag. I have a great winter garden, full of greens, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. The carrots are going into a recipe next week, and the tops are being reserved for chimichurri. But I wanted a simple, veggie laden recipe for dinner last night, so here we are.

Mushroom-Lentil Gravy over Cauli Mash

I have mixed feelings on the topic of lentils, and while I know you’re not here to read my magnum opus on that, I’ll just say this: use a brown or green lentil in this recipe, or you’ll be serving mush. Tasty mush, but texturally odd mush nonetheless.

English Muffins

I actually adore English muffins. They’re filled with crannies ideal for nut butter or labneh – or any number of toppings. But while oddly shelf stable, they can be expensive, so I wanted to learn how to make these at home. And, um, I accidentally made 2 dozen, as well as two loaves of bread.

Butter Chicken (with MOAR VEG)

Butter chicken is a favorite in our house, but in my ongoing quest to, you know, not die tragically in my early 40’s, we spend a lot of time tweaking and adjusting recipes. This week I’ll share recipes for mostly egg white bites, chicken kofta with turmeric fonio (a killer substitute for couscous), air-fried samosas…

Miso-Ginger Salmon with Zoodles

Zoodles. Even the word makes me giggle. But since we live in the most ridiculous timeline, I’ll allow it. You can make them at home or buy them in the produce or freezer sections at your grocery store. Put together with some marinate salmon, and they become almost magical.

Easy-Peasy Protein Waffles

This will be a little longer than usual, because I want to talk about convenience versus nutrition. Feel free to skip ahead to the recipe – I’ll completely understand.