Korean(ish) Tacos? Sure, why not?

I’m not sure why we decided we had to make these, but we whipped out the Instant Pot and dutifully did so. So we scoured the Internet looking for inspiration, and decided to adapt this great recipe from Pinch of Yum. We adjusted it a fair bit it to suit our taste buds and health goals, but y’all, her website is a wonderfully creative resource.

Anyhow, my husband ate six tacos.

These are ridiculously easy, and the relative sweetness pairs well with the briny spice of collard green kimchi.

Korean-ish Beef Tacos

(makes enough to feed a family of 5, that’s for sure)

1 14-ounce can pears, drained and rinsed a bit to remove excess sugar
2 T grated ginger (go heavier if you love ginger)
8-10 cloves of garlic
1/2 c. gluten-free tamari
1/4 c. palm sugar (the pears are already very, very sweet)
1-2 t. crushed red pepper flakes, to taste
1 t. toasted sesame oil
1 1/2 lbs. flank steak or boneless short ribs (we found boneless short ribs on sale, and Y’ALL.), chopped into chunks
1 T vegetable oil for browning

To serve:

Small tortillas – either flour or corn, though I think the flour hold up better against the very juicy meat – slightly griddled
Fresh cilantro and green onions, chopped
Sriracha aioli (or just go for the plain Sriracha, if you’re feeling bold)
Collard green kimchi
Other ideas: sliced radishes, sliced zucchini, peanuts, etc. We raided our produce drawer and pantry, as per usual, so these weren’t pretty.

If you’re from the south, pears may trigger you into remembering monstrous mayo-laden salads topped jauntily with grated cheddar and maraschino cherries.

This is why I begged my husband to go to the store for something I never, ever, EVER keep in my pantry.

Puree everything but the meat until smooth. Meanwhile, in saute  mode, brown the  beef – being sure not to crowd the pot. While the Instant Pot is amazing, it provides a fairly small cooking area for browning, so brown the beef in batches, removing each batch to a plate lined with paper towels.

Turn off the heat, and add the beef back to the Instant Pot, carefully stirring in the sauce to coat all of the meat. Cook on high pressure for 60 minutes, and then let the pressure release naturally. Once the meat has slightly cooled, skim off any fat, drain slightly (reserving about half the cooking liquid), and shred the beef with two forks.
Return the beef to the cooking liquid to keep it tender – and most importantly, to avoid drying it out. Because unintentionally dried, shredded meat is just sad.
I was glad we lowered the sugar and added a little spice and extra aromatics to the cooking sauce, because the pears leave a very sweet aftertaste – this is somewhat offset by the very, very spicy collard green kimchi we’d made, but hey, we live in Louisiana. We add extra spice to most things and call it good.
This also made a LOT, and can be scaled for a crowd.

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