Swedish-ish Meatballs

COVID-19 hasn’t been an easy road for any of us. But I’ve been working to reexamine my relationship with food so that I can be healthier. I also don’t believe in deprivation. A health relationship with food should for some fun and some enjoyment, right? Couple these axioms with trying to feed a family of…

Tahini roasted chicken and veg

I’m going to start with a brag. I have a great winter garden, full of greens, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. The carrots are going into a recipe next week, and the tops are being reserved for chimichurri. But I wanted a simple, veggie laden recipe for dinner last night, so here we are.

White Chicken Chili with Honey-Jalapeno Cornbread

We’re still pretending it’s winter in New Orleans, and with temperatures dipping into the 50’s, I decided to play along this weekend. What’s more nurturing than a bowl of dressed chili accompanied by skillet cornbread?

Jerk Chicken + Black Beans and Quinoa

Would this have been better with chicken on the bone? Would rice have been a more natural pairing with black beans? Sure. But the thing about eating healthy – lower sugar/processed carbs, more balanced macros, and minimal sodium – is that while you may have to make some substitutions and concessions, you shouldn’t have to…

Happy Valentine’s Day! I got you this pork belly ramen.

Pork belly exists as a love letter to carnivores, and it’s incredibly versatile. And when it’s crispy? Sweet baby Tebow. Here’s how we spent our Saturday night after a long day of food prep, cheesemaking (okay, more like Cheesemonger Cosplay), and chasing after our kids.

Korean(ish) Tacos? Sure, why not?

I’m not sure why we decided we had to make these, but we whipped out the Instant Pot and dutifully did so. So we scoured the Internet looking for inspiration, and decided to adapt this great recipe from Pinch of Yum. We adjusted it a fair bit it to suit our taste buds and health…

Chile Rellenos

The NFC Championship was an ugly experience for us, and it became evident we needed to eat our feelings… …after a four mile walk that also included a stop for beignets. Our garden is rife with poblanos, and we live in the south, so let’s get to frying, y’all.

Cold Steak and Vegetables

Surprising entirely no one, kids are expensive. So while we don’t often eat red meat, one of my favorite weeknight dinners when it’s hot outside is a cold, thin-sliced filet alongside some cold, roasted vegetables. When I find tenderloin filet on megacrazycheap special at the grocery store, I’ll often stand there and debate a nice…

Leftover Short Ribs to Taco Tuesday

My husband loves tacos more than just about anything in the world, and Taco Tuesday is a very real phenomenon in our household. Our kids love quesadillas with homemade refried beans and shredded monterey jack, and we indulge in slightly fancier tacos. We have 6 leftover short ribs, which are perfect for quick tacos. Here’s…