Leftover Short Ribs to Taco Tuesday

My husband loves tacos more than just about anything in the world, and Taco Tuesday is a very real phenomenon in our household. Our kids love quesadillas with homemade refried beans and shredded monterey jack, and we indulge in slightly fancier tacos. We have 6 leftover short ribs, which are perfect for quick tacos.

Here’s how.

Short Rib Tacos

(serves 2-4, depending on your leftover and topping situation – I estimate 3 tacos per person)

9 corn tortillas
Leftover short rib meat, shredded and reheated in original cooking sauce until reduced
3-4 radishes, sliced
.25 c cilantro, chopped
.25 c onion, chopped

Optional toppings: salsa, lime wedges, avocado slices, cheese

Fun tip time, though – heat a skillet and griddle your tortillas for 30-45 seconds on each side. That will keep the tortillas intact during your taco domination.

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