Bad Luck Buffalo Bites

Maybe this is why the Saints lost? Oh, it was because of turnovers and poor clock management? Sigh. This low fat, low sodium take on boneless Buffalo wings was worth the effort, even if at one point I nearly threw one at my TV.

White Chicken Chili with Honey-Jalapeno Cornbread

We’re still pretending it’s winter in New Orleans, and with temperatures dipping into the 50’s, I decided to play along this weekend. What’s more nurturing than a bowl of dressed chili accompanied by skillet cornbread?

Honey-Jalapeno Cornbread

My late mom was born and raised in southeastern Alabama, and accordingly skillet cornbread was a staple at family gatherings. When I make chili, it’s inevitable that I’ll make cornbread. And it’s worth every crumbly calorie.

Lemon-Blueberry Coffee Cake

There was a time during my misspent youth in which I made (and ate) a LOT of coffee cake. But given the choice between another hypertensive crisis and coffee cake, the choice is clear: It’s time to develop a healthier coffee cake recipe, right? And that, my friends, is how I spent a Friday night…

Jerk Chicken + Black Beans and Quinoa

Would this have been better with chicken on the bone? Would rice have been a more natural pairing with black beans? Sure. But the thing about eating healthy – lower sugar/processed carbs, more balanced macros, and minimal sodium – is that while you may have to make some substitutions and concessions, you shouldn’t have to…

Into the unknown: Cauliflower Pizza

You know what I hate? Lengthy narratives when I JUST want to get to the recipe. So I’ll keep this short: in November, I came dangerously close to a stroke, and that’s necessitated some major dietary changes. Here’s one – a quasi-pizza with fewer processed carbs and less sodium. Was it crispy like a flour…

Happy Valentine’s Day! I got you this pork belly ramen.

Pork belly exists as a love letter to carnivores, and it’s incredibly versatile. And when it’s crispy? Sweet baby Tebow. Here’s how we spent our Saturday night after a long day of food prep, cheesemaking (okay, more like Cheesemonger Cosplay), and chasing after our kids.

Korean(ish) Tacos? Sure, why not?

I’m not sure why we decided we had to make these, but we whipped out the Instant Pot and dutifully did so. So we scoured the Internet looking for inspiration, and decided to adapt this great recipe from Pinch of Yum. We adjusted it a fair bit it to suit our taste buds and health…

When collards met kimchi

This month’sĀ Garden & Gun has a beautifully editorial spread on collard green kimchi. And we have a LOT of collard greens in our backyard garden. But I didn’t feel like tracking down daikon on one of my last quiet weekends before Mardi Gras, so instead I adapted the recipe for a quick and dirty salt…

Let’s start(er).

I picked up a sourdough starter recently. As I quickly learned, you end up with a fair amount of discard after the first feeding cycle (that sounds…a little creepy, yeah?). My friend Candice is an incredible baker, and she makes gorgeous crackers with her discard. Me, I have a ton of rosemary in the garden…