English Muffins

I actually adore English muffins. They’re filled with crannies ideal for nut butter or labneh – or any number of toppings. But while oddly shelf stable, they can be expensive, so I wanted to learn how to make these at home. And, um, I accidentally made 2 dozen, as well as two loaves of bread.

Honey-Jalapeno Cornbread

My late mom was born and raised in southeastern Alabama, and accordingly skillet cornbread was a staple at family gatherings. When I make chili, it’s inevitable that I’ll make cornbread. And it’s worth every crumbly calorie.

Let’s start(er).

I picked up a sourdough starter recently. As I quickly learned, you end up with a fair amount of discard after the first feeding cycle (that sounds…a little creepy, yeah?). My friend Candice is an incredible baker, and she makes gorgeous crackers with her discard. Me, I have a ton of rosemary in the garden…